Who is Middleton?

Who is Middleton? That was my initial thought when being assigned this reading and during the reading. Luckily I’m not the only one out of the loop as Eliot points out Middleton is not well known. In fact, Eliot says that we do not even know how he died, we only know when he was buried. That is rather unfortunate, there are far too many artists that we know far too little about their life. Possibly one of the reasons that Middleton is overlooked is because he lived so close to the life of Shakespeare. I imagine that most playwrights around Shakespeare’s time get eclipsed by him, kinda hard not to be. That was something else that I liked about Eliot’s essay here. I liked that Eliot was always very careful to always say that Shakespeare is the best playwright. Eliot was extremely well educated in his time and in his essay, he lists many playwrights and their plays and qualities about them so it would seem like Eliot knows what he’s talking about when he says that Shakespeare is the best without a doubt. That makes me curious why Eliot thought Shakespeare was the best. Sure everyone thinks Shakespeare was the best and he most definitely was, but why does Eliot think so, he gives such clear examples of why he thinks Middleton is good. Eliot likes the characterization that Middleton is able to add to his characters, specifically women. Being able to write from another perspective, for example, the other gender has always greatly impressed me, so I’d be interested in reading what made Middleton so good about writing his characters.


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