This issue featured a lot of images that didn’t really seem to relate to each other. Although the text seemed cohesive from what I can gather, they way the images were inserted in there seemed abrupt and this definitely seems like a progressive magazine where rules are arbitrary.

To relate it to The Waste Land, the phrase that sticks out to me is “a heap of broken images.” That is basically what this issue is about, and from what I read, that is also about what Dadaism is about. Eliot definitely has an artistic style and whatnot, but his poetry is fragmented and doesn’t really have a pattern, with a lot of stanzas from different references thrown in there. Although this can be read as a representation of the confusion after The Great War, it also coincides with Dadaism in a sense that everything is all over the place and in a sense Eliot’s aesthetic is in and of itself non-existent.


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