Canceled Schedule

Week 10: Duty and Passion

T 3/21

Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra Acts I-II

Due: Blog post (1-2 paragraphs) – What parallels do you see between Antony and Cleopatra and Part II of The Waste Land? Of the poem as a whole?

R 3/23

Antony and Cleopatra Acts III-IV

Week 11

T 3/28

Antony and Cleopatra Act V

R 3/30

John Webster, The White Devil Act I

Week 12

T 4/4

The White Devil Acts II-III

R 4/6

The White Devil Acts IV-V

Due: Blog post (1-2 paragraphs) – How do crime, justice, and revenge/bloodbath in this play pertain to The Waste Land?

Week 13: The Waste Land’s Initial Publication

T 4/11

The Dial, November 1922 (D)

R 4/13

The Dial (con’t)

Due: Final blog assignments, week 13 & 14: see handout.

Week 14

T 4/18

The Criterion, October 1922

R 4/20

The Criterion (con’t)

Due: Final paper.